(June 24 -28, 2004)
(second announcement)
The Fourth China-Japan-Korea International Symposium on Ring Theory was originally planned to take place from June 24 to June 28, 2003, in Southeast University, Nanjing, China. This conference was put off for one year because of SARS problems.
This is the first announcement of the postponed conference.
Date and Venue
Date:  June 24 -28, 2004
Venue: Liuyuan Hotel, Southeast University, Nanjing, China.
Background of the conference
The conference is held every 4 years on a rotating basis. The first conference was held in 1991 at Guilin, China. In 1995 the second conference took place in Okayama, Japan. At the second conference it was decided to include Korea, who hosted this conference of 1999. The fourth conference should take place in 2003 in China. Because of SARS problems, the conference had to be postponed for one year. It will be hosted in 2004 in Nanjing, a beautiful city known for being China's capital of six ancient dynasties and having a rich cultural heritage.
Goal of the conference
The purpose of this conference is to contribute to the development of ring theory and to strengthen the ties of friendship between ring theorists of China, Japan and Korea. Some experts of other countries will be expected to attend the symposium.
Organizing committee
Jianlong Chen, Southeast University (Nanjing, China),
Yong Uk Cho, Silla University (Pusan, Korea),
Nanqing Ding, Nanjing University (Nanjing, China),
Jin Yong Kim, Kyung Hee University (Suwon, Korea),
Hidetoshi Marubayashi, Naruto University of Education (Naruto, Japan),
Kanzo Masaike, Tokyo Gakugei University (Tokyo, Japan),
Kiyoichi Oshiro, Yamaguchi University (Yamaguchi, Japan),
Jae Keol Park, Pusan National University (Pusan, Korea),
Young Soo Park, Kyungpook National University (Taegu, Korea),
Seog Hoon Rim , Kyungpook National University (Taegu, Korea),
Masahisa Sato, Yamanashi University (Kouhu, Japan),
Quanshui Wu, Fudan University (Shanghai, China),
Weimin Xue, Fujian Normal University (Fuzhou, China),
Yingbo Zhang, Beijing Normal University (Beijing, China),
Deadline for reception of abstracts
The deadline for receipt of all abstracts is March 31, 2004. One page (A4 size) abstract of contributed presentations will be printed in a booklet which will be distributed to all participants. As far as possible, author(s) should make full use of the page to give the readers a complete account of their work. It is preferred that abstracts be prepared using a LaTex style file. Abstracts (including titles and affiliations) should be submitted by email to
             Professor Xiaosheng Zhu
             Department of Mathematics
             Nanjing University
             Nanjing 210093, P. R. China
    If you already submitted an abstract to the conference (2003), you do not have to send the abstract again (if the title is the same), but you are invited to tell us that you want to use the abstract for the conference (2004). 
    The proceedings of the conference will be published by World Scientific. All papers submitted to the conference proceedings will be refereed to achieve a high scientific level.
Registration fee: US$150 for each participant; US$100 US for each accompany persons.
Registration fee is paid upon arrival. We normally expect that participants will arrive on June 23 and depart on June 29.
The registration fee covers proceedings, meals, coffee and cookies, banquet, local sightseeing, etc., during the conference. All participants (including accompany persons) should fill in the separate registration form and send it to Nanqing Ding (email:"> before March 1, 2004.
If you already registered for the conference (2003), you are invited to send us a confirmation for the conference (2004).
     During the conference all participants stay in Liuyuan Hotel of Southeast University (3-star hotel). The cost of accommodation will be US$27/night (single room) and US$17 /night (sharing twin room) per person. The single rooms are limited. If needed, the sharing rooms can also be used as single rooms at the cost US$34 /night.
International travel and Visas
You are urged to make your international travel reservations as soon as possible in order to assure the most convenient travel schedule. All participants must make their own travel arrangements between home and Nanjing. All visitors to Nanjing must hold a valid passport. The visa for visiting China can be obtained in your own country. Anyone who needs an official invitation letter to get a visa to China must register before February 1, 2004.
For those coming by plane, we suggest them to fly to Shanghai International Airport (about 300 kms. from Nanjing) or Beijing International Airport (about 1000 kms. from Nanjing) or Hong Kong International Airport (about 1500 kms. from Nanjing). If one flies to Shanghai, then one can take a bus (or taxi) from the airport to the train station in Shanghai, from there, take one of the trains that each hour leave Shanghai for Nanjing. If one flies to Beijing (Hong Kong) International Airport, please take a plane or train to Nanjing.
Climate of Nanjing
Nanjing is situated in the northern subtropical monsoon zone and has four distinct seasons throughout the year. The usual temperature in late June in Nanjing is about 28 degrees Celsius or 82 degrees Fahrenheit.
Bank services
RMB (Reminbi) is the only currency used in China. Money exchanges by cash or traveler's cheques can be made at the branches of Bank of China at airports, star-rated hotels and tourist stores. If you arrive by air, you should better first exchange some Chinese money at Bank of China Airport Service in the Terminal Building, so as to be able to pay for taxi and other minor costs.
How to get to the conference place (Liuyuan Hotel, Southeast University, Nanjing)
(1) If you fly to Shanghai (Pu Dong Airport), please take a taxi or Airport busline No.5 to Shanghai railway station. There is an airport bus every 20-30 minutes from Pu Dong Airport to Shanghai railway station. Head (Last) regular bus leaves at 7:20am (23:00pm). The cost of taxi (bus) from Pu Dong Airport to Shanghai railway station is roughly 160 (24) RMB or US$20 (US$3). Then you can choose one of the trains that each hour leave Shanghai for Nanjing. The cost of the train from Shanghai to Nanjing is about 80 RMB or US$10. It will take you about 3-4 hours. After you arrive at Nanjing railway station, you can take a taxi directly to Liuyuan Hotel at an approximate cost of 16 RMB or US$2. If you have a late flight, night trains to Nanjing are also available in Shanghai railway station.
(2) Even though the distance between Shanghai and Nanjing is somewhat short (300 km), maybe the transportation is not so easy for some participants. An information desk will be set in Pudong Airport (Shanghai) to help and direct the conference participants. In this case, you can also fly to Beijing (or Hong Kong), then take a plane to Nanjing at Beijing (or Hong Kong) airport directly. After you arrive at Nanjing Airport, please take a taxi to Liuyuan Hotel. The cost is about 160 RMB or US$20.
(3) For participants from Japan, you can take a flight from Osaka to Nanjing directly. There are flights from Osaka to Nanjing on Tuesday and Friday.
(4) For participants from South Korea, you can take a flight from Seoul to Nanjing directly. There are flights from Seoul to Nanjing on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Information desk in Pudong Airport (Shanghai)
An information desk will be set in Pudong Airport (Shanghai) on June 22 (13:00-20:00pm), 23 (9:00am-16:00pm), 2004 to meet the arriving conference participants and to help and direct them. The organizing committee will arrange a minibus to take the participants arriving in Pudong Airport directly to the conference venue on June 22, 23. The minibus is going to leave Shanghai for Nanjing at 16:00pm on June 22, 23. All participants are required to let us know their itineraries before leaving their countries for China. Please send your itineraries to Xiaoxiang Zhang (email: ) after you book your tickets. 
Local transportation
     It is easy to get around Nanjing by taxi or bus. The public transportation is inexpensive, and the frequency of service is every few minutes.
Free daytime during the conference
The conference starts in the morning of June 24 and ends in the afternoon of June 28. During the conference, there will be one day and a half free time for sightseeing or shopping etc. You'd better bring a pair of sneakers for tourism.
For further information about Nanjing and the conference, please visit our web site at;
We hope that you can accept our invitation and look forward to you response.
    With warm regards and best wishes,
Main organizers,
Jianlong Chen & Nanqing Ding
Jianlong Chen, Department of Mathematics, Southeast University, Nanjing 210096, China.
Nanqing Ding, Department of Mathematics, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, China.
1. Last Name ___________First Name ___________ Sex  MF
2. Passport Number_______________________________________
3. Institution_____________________________________________
4. Mailing Address________________________________________
5. E-mail__________________________  Fax ________________
6. The title of my talk is ___________________________________
7. I need an official invitation letter to get my visa    Yes No
8. I would like to stay in a single room.          Yes No
  I would like to share a room with ______________________.