Guideline for authors to submit to Proceeding

General Idea

Note that the proceedings will be reviewed by AMS,
and take care of the contents,the style, and the typing of the manuscript.
In particular a manuscript consisting only of
a sequence of definitions, theorems, etc. is not welcome.

The manuscripts are refered by editors or others,
and may be requested to revise or be rejected.


Write the manuscript by using TeX or its relatives in the following form,
and send the files (source file and dvi file) to the editor by e-mail.

For more details, refer to the examples.

  1. Language: English

  2. Write the abstract under the author name(s)
    and write it short and understandable as in the Journals of AMS,
    but not too short like the title itself.

  3. Use A4 paper. Follow the AMS-TEX style.
    (i.e., use amsart or amsppt style file.)

  4. The style will be described in more detail below,
    and follow it if you do not use AMS-TEX.

  5. No pages. Write page numbers by a pencil (which will be erased later).
  6. (Very important!) Final form or not:
    In the foot note on the first page,
    write a remark whether the paper is in a final form or not.

    Example: The paper is in a final form and no version of it will be
    submitted for publication elsewhere.

    Example: The detailed (final) version of this paper will be (has been)
    submitted for publication elsewhere.