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Ring and Representation Theory
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Symposium on Ring and Representation Theory Japan
has been held since 1967 every year in Autumn
which is the best season in Japan.
This Symposium is organized by the organizing committee.
This is usually supported by the sicence research fund in Japan (JSPS).
Every one from any country is welcome to participate
in Japan Ring and Representation Theory Symposium.
Also China-Japan-Korea International Symposium on ring and representation theory
has been organized every four year since 1991.

The schedule in 2021

September 6 (Mon.) - September 9 (Thur.), 2021
The 53rd Symposium on Ring Theory and Representation Theory (2021)

Place : Yamaguchi University (ONLINE)
1677-1 Yoshida, Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi, 753-8511, Japan

Program Organizer: Yoshitomo Baba ( Osaka Kyoiku University )
E-mail: ybabacc.osaka-kyoiku.ac.jp

Local Organizers: Yosuke Kuratomi ( Yamaguchi University )
E-mail: kuratomiyamaguchi-u.ac.jp


The schedules of old meetings were as following.

You can get proceedings of symposium by clicking titles.