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No.Speaker TitleAbstractNotes Slides
  1 Takahide Adachi On balanced Auslander-Dlab-Ringel algebras
  2 Takuma Aihara On the weakly Iwanaga-Gorenstein property of gendo algebras
  3 Toshitaka Aoki g-polytopes of Brauer graph algebras
  4 Susumu Ariki On cyclotomic quiver Hecke algebras of affine type
  5 Sota Asai Wide subcategories and lattices of torsion classes
  6 Hideto Asashiba 2-categorical Cohen-Montgomery duality between categories with I-pseudo-actions and I-graded categories for a small category I
  7 Yoshitomo Baba On two sided Harada rings and QF rings
  8 Aaron Chan Recollement of comodule categories over coalgebra objects
  9 Gyu Whan Chang Unique Factorization property of non-UFDs
10 Jianlong Chen Generalized inverses and clean decompositions
11 Xiaofeng Chen The right core inverses of a product and a companion matrix
12 Erik Darpö Functors between higher cluster categories of type A
13 Alexander Diesl Recent Results in Clean Rings
14 Nanqing Ding On Enochs conjecture
15 Thomas Dorsey Questions and counterexamples on strongly clean rings
17 Naoki Endo Almost Gorenstein Rees algebras
18 Haruhisa Enomoto The Jordan-Hölder property, Grothendieck monoidsand Bruhat inversions
19 Iwan Ernanto Arithmetic Modules over Generalized Dedekind Domain
20 Xianhui Fu Ideal Approximation Theory
21 Nan Gao A functorial approach to monomorphism category for species
22 Yue Gu On the Galois Linear Maps
23 Ziyu Guo Cohomology Rings and Application in Hypernormal Form for a Class of 4-Dimensional Vector Fields
24 Norihiro Hanihara Cohen-Macaulay modules over Yoneda algebras
25 Jiwei He Noncommutative Auslander Theorem and noncommutative quotient singularities
26 Na'imah Hijriati On Representation of a Ring with unity on a Module over a Ring with unity
27 Naoya Hiramatsu A remark on graded countable Cohen-Macaulay representation type
28 Takahiro Honma On the gendo-symmetric algebra of a trivial extension algebra
29 Kui Hu Some results on Noetherian Warfield domains
30 Zhaoyong Huang The Extension Dimension of Abelian Categories
31 Kei-ichiro Iima On the 2-test modules of projectivity and weakly m-full ideals
32 Ryotaro Isobe Ulrich ideals in hypersurfaces
33 Ayako Itaba Hochschild cohomology of Beilinson algebras of graded down-up algebras
34 Tomohiro Itagaki The Hochschild cohomology of a class of exceptional periodic selfinjective algebras of polynomial growth
35 Meimei Jiang McCoy property over Jacobson radicals
36 Haibo Jin Cohen-Macaulay differential graded modules and negative Calabi-Yau configurations
37 Ryo Kanda The characteristic variety of an elliptic algebra
38 Bernhard Keller Singular Hochschild cohomology and the singularity category
39 Hwankoo Kim A new semistar operation on a commutative ring and its applications
40 Nam Kyun Kim Characterizations of radicals in skew polynomial and skew Laurent polynomial rings
41 Yoshiyuki Kimura Twist automorphism of quantum unipotent cells and the dual canonical bases
42 Toshinori Kobayashi A characterization of local rings of countable representation type
43 Hideyuki Koie An application of a theorem of Sheila Brenner for Hochschild extension algebras of a truncated quiver algebra
44 Yuta Kozakai Mutations for star-to-tree complexes and pointed Brauer trees
45 Shinya Kumashiro The Auslander-Reiten conjecture for non-Gorenstein rings
46 Jung-Miao Kuo Partial group actions and partial Galois extensions
47 Tai Keun Kwak On CRP rings
48 Gangyong Lee Rudimentary rings: Rings have a faithful indecomposable endoregular module
49 Tsiu-Kwen Lee A note on Skolem-Noether algebras
50 Libin Li The center subalgebra of the quantized enveloping algebra of a simple Lie algebra revisited
51 Linlin Liu Rota-Baxter H-operators and pre-Lie H-pseudoalgebras over a cocommutative Hopf algebra H
52 Lixin Mao Relative coherent modules and semihereditary modules
53 Xuefeng Mao DG polynomial algebras and their homological properties
54 Masaki Matsuno AS-regularity of geometric algebras of plane cubic curves
55 Naoyuki Matsuoka Efficient generation of ideals in core subalgebras of the polynomial ring k[t] over a field k
56 Hiroyuki Minamoto On a cubical generalization of preprojective algebras
57 Izuru Mori Noncommutative Matrix Factorizations and Knörrer's Periodicity Theorem
58 Kazunori Nakamoto An application of Hochschild cohomology to the moduli of subalgebras of the full matrix ring II
59 Tsutomu Nakamura Pure derived categories and weak balanced big Cohen-Macaulay modules
60 Pace P. Nielsen Nilpotent polynomials with non-nilpotent coefficients
61 Tsunekazu Nishinaka On Thompson's group F and its group algebra
62 Yasuaki Ogawa General heart construction and the Gabriel-Quillen embedding
63 Dong Yeol Oh The chain conditions on ideals in composite generalized power series rings
64 Sei-Qwon Oh Relationships between quantized algebras and their semiclassical limits
65 Maiko Ono On liftable DG modules over a commutative DG algebra
66 Kazuho Ozeki The structure of Sally modules and normal Hilbert coefficients
67 Diah Junia Eksi Palupi The Construction of a Continuous Linear Representation From a Topological Group Into Topological Module Space Over Principle Ideal Domain
68 Mi Hee Park Noetherian-like properties in polynomial and power series rings
70 Andreas Reinhart On the monoid of ideals of orders in quadratic number fields
71 Masahisa Sato Is Ware's problem true or not ?
72 Guodong Shi Q-graded Hopf quasigroups
73 Yoshiharu Shibata When is a quasi-discrete module quasi-projective?
74 Kaori Shimada On the radius of the category of extensions of matrix factorizations
75 Kenichi Shimizu Action functor formalism
76 S. Paul Smith Elliptic algebras
77 Sutopo Positively Graded rings which are maximal orders and Generalized Dedekind Rings
78 Mayu Tsukamoto Constructions of rejective chains
79 Derya Keskin Tütüncü Baer-Kaplansky Classes in Categories
80 Kenta Ueyama Knörrer's periodicity for skew quadric hypersurfaces
81 Satoshi Usui A Batalin-Vilkovisky differential on the complete cohomology ring of a Frobenius algebra
83 Tongsuo Wu Boolean Graphs - A Survey
84 Zhixiang Wu The classification of Leibniz conformal algebras of rank three
85 Kunio Yamagata On a problem of socle-deformations of self-injectve orbit algebras
86 Kota Yamaura Happel's functor and homologically well-graded Iwanaga-Gorenstein algebras
87 Yuji Yoshino Auslander-Bridger theory for projective complexes over commutative Noetherian rings
88 Toshiya Yurikusa Density of g-vector cones from triangulated surfaces
90 Xiaojin Zhang Tilting modules over Auslander-Gorenstein algebras
91 Yingying Zhang Semibricks, wide subcategories and recollements
93 De Chuan Zhou On an open problem concerning the small finitistic dimension of a commutative ring
94 Guisong Zhou The structure of connected (Hopf) algebras
95 Shaotao Zhu Quaternion Ring and Application in Hypernormal Form of 4 Dimensional Semi-Simple Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
96 Shenglin Zhu Structure of Irreducible Yetter-Drinfeld modules over cosemisimple quasi-triangular Hopf algebras
97 Michal Ziembowski Lie solvability in matrix algebras